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Monday, 19 October 2020

Life's Attitude


We always talk about this person’s attitude is very nice, That person is very rude etc..But what is Attitude actually??

Our Attitude develops as per experience we face in our life; Its same way our human body develops as per the food we have taken throughout the life. Every human body behaves differently with the situations in life because of every person’s body has different kind of strength, immunity, weaknesses and we are seeing that in the live example of Covid-19.All countries have different symptoms and recovery rate because every country’s people exposed towards Corona differently so the results have variations in that. Same this way every person responds to the same situation differently .In same circumstances, same atmosphere, same facilities and knowledge few people gives the best outcome and may achieve a new milestone while few can just sit like that and find reasons to explain their failure ship.

So the question arises that what is the best attitude to carry? So that we can apply it in our day to day behavior towards every situation. For that first of all just clean your mind. We all have mind full with lots of thoughts. This thoughts are combination of positive and negative depending upon the good and bad experiences of life. So first, throw out all this garbage from your mind and don’t react the same situation which you had already faced in past with negative result. Think everything positively and try to find new ideas and new direction to see it. The best example of perfect attitude is ‘Lord Krishna”. They have faced so much in life but always carry a beautiful smile and their positive charisma everywhere. They teach us to see every situation with positive approach. Nothing is permanent in life. Neither Happiness nor Sorrows. So live a life with positive attitude!!!

Saturday, 10 October 2020

Don't Limit Yourself!!!!


 Whenever we started thinking about our future goals,dreams which we want to fulfill,we start thinking in full speed but after some time the thought of problems or obstacles takes us to make full stop on it or postpone it.This thing often happens with all of us because we have actually decided our limit.We have thought that we cant cross this line or couldn't come over comfort zone but this is actually wrong.
If we more focus on the probability of getting success,the chances of winning then we don't get this kind of thoughts.The thoughts which decides your boundaries can decrease your potential,your ability ,your positive energy and at the end it leads towards failure.Don't hold yourself for anything because its always said that Its better to try then to leave and regret later.
Just start believe in yourself and take the steps towards your goal.Make your direction to the success and research on it,don't give your mind a chance to think about boundaries or limitations.After some time you realize that you are busy in thinking for how to achieve the best outcome and not about anything else .Your mind has stop thinking about any negative thought which were troubling you before.You can feel the change and the positive energy in yourself too.
When you begin to not self limit yourself then you can achieve impossible targets and unbelievable results.
Life is to feel proud and satisfy to be limitless and not for regrets so think in that way and start working!!!

Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Everything you’ve ever wanted is sitting on the other side of fear

 I have read a very interesting  quotes from George Addair states:

“Everything you’ve ever wanted is sitting on the other side of fear.”

Fear is a powerful emotion.It can change the results ,it can destroy confidence,it can give u a lifetime regretting moment also..

Due to fear we often avoid those things that make us uncomfortable, but Sooner or later, we realize  that  those fears that prevent you from getting hurt  makes you inactive or stops you at some point.After sometime  we convince our self that its OK to not fulfill our dreams and started thinking about examples of  the persons who didn't achieve anything  and still living their lives.

But the truth is we always stuck in that situation and never comes out of the thought of regret that if we have shown lil courage in that moment then life would be something else for  us..

If you want to come out of fear then start telling to yourself daily that "I can do it".Start reading  positive thoughts and articles about the people who have achieved milestones;learn from their stories and start thinking that way.Give yourself good examples and always have a solution oriented attitude.Take a ring of life on your hand and try to come out of  all your fears.There are always so many possibilities if you find so..

By this way you are able to find a ways towards new opportunities and to achieve your goal .Remember fear and dreams are always together ;its up to us that what choices we have to make and what we have to construct for our future.

Saturday, 19 September 2020

Make more moves and less announcements!!!

 We often come across that kind of persons in our life who are always like "Bol Bacchan".They always do announcements  about what luxuries items they are gonna buy,What kind of big deals they are gonna crack etc..But at the end we found nothing than another more Bol Bacchans!!People use to stay away from that kind of persons or don't take them seriously and make fun behind their back.

Instead of that there are kind of people who talk less but always surprises us with their moves and  achievements.They looks ordinary but takes  an extra ordinary steps.They always give shock and a thought with their steps taken.But this kind of people are the real ones to whom we can get  actual ideas about career,about life and how to deal with difficult situations.

We always hear that work hard in silence,let your work make noises then you.That is a key to success and to become a successful person in your life.whatever your dreams to become in future,never discuss with everyone.People who can genuinely see your progress can give you best advice ,others just get jealous or want to stole your ideas because everyone is not a true well wisher in your life. We are often quick to reveal our intentions, but sometimes we don't think about the negative effect of doing such a thing.So it is always said that "Make more moves and less announcements"..Don't tell anyone about your next move untill it comes out itself.

Think about it and work towards your goal.☺

Tuesday, 1 September 2020

Speak less than you know!!!!!

I read this beautiful quote of William Shakespeare that"Have more than you Show and Speak less than you know".it has a very thoughtful message in today's world.
We often come across those kind of people who speaks so much and work very less,They don't have much talent and just wasting time.Instead of those who actually works sincerely speaks very less,they discuss to the point and have very focusing mind and very knowledgeable too..
Quote also says that we don't need to do show off about what we have but the world always acts opposite to it..
Let's understand this all with an example..If you meet with the director of a company or a person on a higher position then you need to take an appointment,you can't meet with them ordinarily and also have to meet for less time.So the meeting is to  discuss the important points and have to do so much work in less time..If you meet with the ground level person then  you can do gossips and so much extra useless talks..
Same as if you meet the actual rich person than they don't show off about their brands ,we notice in their personality..They just talk to the point and finish the discussion within time. the persons who show offs more often have less things  to do with them and those who have very much to achieve always seems to work on time..
So think and then react what you needs to do,You will definitely get the resultsπŸ™‚πŸ™‚

Friday, 14 August 2020

You are always stronger and more resourceful then you give yourself credit for!!!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

I have came across this quote of Rob Moore and it really touched the says "You are always stronger and more resourceful then you give yourself credit for".
Whenever we go through problems and get failure to solve it,we think to give up and loose also happens in the situation when we try to achieve something big but not getting any success.So we drop the idea and start our as it is routine life.
But always remember that the tough situations gives the best out of us.its always said that empty pockets give mind full of ideas and opportunities to never give up and keep trying ,it's difficult but not impossible.Once you think about your journey you travel or you compare this year with last then you can see that improvements and changes in yourself .
And then you realize that you are actually underestimating your strength , your ability to work and your passion towards whatever you are doing.This thing makes you more closer to find the missing part to reach success. The ability to do anything which came across your path and your uniqueness can help you to reach what your desire is!!
So never give less credit to yourself then you deserve Always push yourself to achieve impossible and always think how to remove obstacles of your path .You can't imagine how big changes this thought can do.This is how success comes to you. Stretch out of your comfort zone and expand yourself to be limitless!!!

Tuesday, 4 August 2020

Don't Stop!!Keep MovingπŸ‘£

We all are facing this Corona epidemic and felts that it has stopped our life.

Thousands of thoughts leads us to insomnia and this welcomes many disorders.we are reading this news and also hear everyday of getting depressed,lack of mood, losing our day to day lifestyle, committing suicides etc..This things are due to lack of communication, staying home all the time,so many orders to follow for getting safe and many more reasons too..

In this condition the best way is just to pass this time and keep moving in Your life..May be the speed is slow but it's called as "Slow and Steady" is difficult but not impossible..
Keep yourself busy in your favorite activities,watch funny videos or videos of your best comedian,listen your favorite music,paint ,draw or do whatever you like..Do Yoga and Pranayam daily to keep away those negative thoughts from your mind because it can destroy you from inside πŸ€”πŸ€”

Remember after sunset and a dark night there is always a beautiful sunrise and a new day comes. And new day brings new hopes,more opportunities,opens more ways to explore your self..never close the window your mind ,just pass this tough time by staying calm and positive..Balance yourself and keep moving.Life is always about to keep balance between holding or let the things go!!!

Keep believe in yourself and continue moving!!

Saturday, 1 August 2020

The Best way to Predict your Future is to Create it..✨✨✨

Abraham Lincoln has written this beautiful quote and it's worth to do as per today's scenerio.If you want to predict ur future the way you want it ,you have to start building it today.
If you see yourself as designer, entrepreneur,businessman ,singer ,writer anything then you have to start working for it today.As for example you need to start a business of a new product then you have to gather knowledge about the cost, marketing ,things require to make it,cost,your profit and also so much small small things and start working on one by one.
If you want to become a singer then you have to start the basic rehersal,you need to practice it daily, you have to start taking part in competitions to become famous etc.After some years of hard work you will definately see yourself where you have predict it earlier.
So start dreaming,work for it and make your future the way you want.♥️

Friday, 17 July 2020

Open the windows of mind πŸŒ„πŸŒ„πŸŒ„

I have read the quote and I thought we all really need this "Open the window of your mind ,let the fresh air comes in"!!!
We all are in a position that we can't think much about our future ,what is happening around?? of course the curtsy goes to Corona!!
We all are under self lockdown or compulsory lockdown and the news we read everyday,the struggle we are facing in everyday life keeps our mind closed.We can't think even one additional thought to apply and so it's difficult to keep our mind active.
But every situation we face changes us and makes us more strong, independent and new way of thinking,new things to learn etc...and for that we have to keep our mind open,let the fresh air comes in .. windows always work both the sides,it let the old air comes out and new air comes in ..Same way if we let our mind open to accept new challenges,new situations and new ways of doing stuff ,it let goes out negative energy and less confidence..

I have seen one news about the ceremic business in Morbi was down from last few months.But due to lockdown and the virus which came from china ,people stopped ordering tiles from there and so the vendors in morbi get so much orders for that and their business goes up!!Our Pradhan mantri is also promoting"Atmanirbhar" this days which is actually very well said. 

So be positive always and let prepare your self to face anything and begin working!!

Thursday, 9 July 2020

Convert Your Obstacles into Opportunity

We all are often into the situation where we don't know why this thing happens to us!!we think that why this problem comes to me??why I need to face all this??etc..
But we forget about one thing that the toughest the situation u have the strongest you become.The definition of become stronger is how  strongly you face the problem and convert it into Opportunity or solve it cleverly..
Each obstacle comes across us takes ourselves to another level.Remember that diamond always shines brightly but for that it needs to cross the hardest process..Gold comes to a beautiful shape after going into the fire ..So we all needs to be in the difficult situation to be a confident and polished person who is not scared of anything.
Don't scare by challenges that makes a speed braker towards your goal and take it as a new way of re thinking..May be you need to make it better and god wants to make it best.When you have stones on your road then collect it and create an empire.That is the best way to answer.
Just think about your past when you have faced many difficult situations and when you come out of it ,you will realize about your journey and that will give you confidence to move became a better person who has more confidence , more ways opened for new ideas to come, more ways to solve the problems..
So never let your fear stop your journey and face your challenges bravery ♥️♥️♥️

Thursday, 2 July 2020

Life Begins at the end of your Comfort Zone❤❤❤

We all have always made a comfort zone surrounding us.But what actually this comfort zone means?It means to decide your boundaries,to limit your number of efforts,to make  small goals which can achieve very easily but not give us big results.
We don't have to do much hard work ,don't want to face any problems and just do a little work..This is the limitations we make and this is called "Comfort Zone".We live in this zone for many years and so it becomes habit for us so we can't have courage to break it easily.But the first step towards achieving big results is to break your comfort zone.

As for example if you want to get good scores in your exams then you have to sacrifice some hours of sleep.Its very difficult for some people to wake up early or to sleep late at night but if you did it then you will definitely score good marks.If you want to loose some weight then you have to leave your favorite food,have to do exercise which can give you body pain etc  but after that you can definitely see that magical transformation in yourself.

If you want to make your business successful then you need to create relations with so many people,come up with new ideas etc..but for this you need to settle so many appointments,have to do so much phone calls may be need to travel a lot and keep communicate with so many people..In all this it may happen that you cant get good response for so many days and this can break your courage..But you need to boost up yourself everyday,cant make yesterday failure to affect today's new beginning.This is how to break your  boundaries and come out from comfort zone..
May be you cant like to travel ,you don't want to reach more than 3-4 appointments in a day and this is your limitations so just try to do more then this.

When you became succeed doing more then your limits then you become limitless for yourself.That will be new beginning of your success journey.

Saturday, 27 June 2020

Failure is Success in Progress:)

The Great Scientist Albert Einstein once said this line that "Failure is Success in Progress" and it is the best inspirational line for all those who are keep trying but not getting success.

The person who tries and do hard work to get positive outcomes knows how it feels when you couldn't get success.This feeling leads us to sadness and depression so many times.

We all have gone through this face or we are already in this situation. Don't know what to do or how to start again??

This is the right time to boost up yourself again and tr again for what you have decided ,what your goal is to  achieve.Remember if we did not tried anything,if we sit ideal then nothing comes out.Failure is an outcome of our trials .We have to identify our mistake,which point we left out ?what was needed?what things didn't work out?definitely you will get some answers .

I have read once that Half solution of a problem is already done when you know what the problem is!!Because when you start thinking about solutions something and something comes out in your mind to solve it.This is one kind of exercise for a brain and it helps a lot ahead to find the best path to fulfill your dreams and to achieve your success.

So just take failure as your opportunity to do it more perfectly and try again!Nobody can enjoy the happiness of success if he wouldn't test failure. Think and keep trying☺☺☺

Failure is success in progress

Monday, 22 June 2020

You Don't Have To Be Great To Start,But You Have To Start To be Great

You Don't Have To Be Great To Start,But You Have To Start To be Great
-Zig Ziglar

I have read this sentence and automatically it clicked in my mind.This is a very obvious and true thought for all of the persons who wants to start something big but couldn't get enough motivation for it so drop the idea..

If we really think about it then we came to know that so many times it happens with us that we want to learn or start something new and want to explore it but we failed to do it.The reason behind is whenever we start thinking about it ,we have so many negative thoughts in our mind that we couldn't get enough courage to come out of it ,to stop thinking about them and start what we want to do.

At the end we stop thinking even in that direction and start living our boring life,As for example if we want to learn driving a car,then we have thoughts about accidents,harming our self etc..if we want to start a new job or a new business then we have thoughts to not succeed in that and that's how we cant do it.
After some time when we see others succeeding in the same field then we have only regret for our self.

If you have big dreams and big goals then you have to start from somewhere and for that its not necessary that you have all the favorable conditions.If you want to start a business then its not compulsory to have enough funds,enough space and  to not having any competitors.Even it is not connected to a small town or a metro city,The only thing matter is to have that mindset of getting that milestone in what we have decided to do.

We have to get ready for all that obstacles to cross  and problems to fix.That's the way you become a successful person and set example for others .

So think in that way and be a successful!!!


Thursday, 18 June 2020

Little Things Make Big Things Happen!!

I just read the Quote of John Wooden about "It's the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen".This is a very beautiful thought to achieve something big.We always think that something big has to happen for us to get success. But we never think that we have to start with the small one.

When we start learning bicycle in our childhood ,we start with our tiny legs and with small bicycle and then we try big cycles as we grow.

As for example if you want to become a businessman then you don't have a big office,a mega turnover or a big profit!!You have to start with a small office,a little investment and a less margin too.
Just make small changes to your daily routine life,start observing that small achievements of daily life,feel the changes happening around you The way you learn how to walk with tiny legs to how you become a teenager and to a young person.There are lot many things to remember to be encouraged.

If you want to become thinner, healthier and fit then change the small small eating habits of your life and start little exercise daily.Start with 5 min exercise and then reach till 1 hour time by time.
listen to music,do your favorite activity once in a day ,laugh carefree etc.This things boost your inner strength and also make you stress free on those hard days and you will feel like you have more courage then before.
Life is in this small things and this small things gives you biggest success of life..☺

Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Everything you can imagine is real

I am fond of reading inspirational quotes and like to give a light on them by writing in my Blog.The statement which i like the most is of Pablo Picasso stating that "Everything you can imagine is real".

The statement is about see dreams and make it real.We all know that we can make our dreams real by hard work only.
But in my opinion first see the dream and imagine it all fully.I mean as for example if you want to buy a big luxurious house then start dreaming that you are already living in that.You can see that big doors,that classy windows and the beautiful colors of walls,the garden,the bedroom and the pool.You are already feeling happy ,you can see yourself enjoying with your family and friends.You can feel that happiness of achieving and living your dream inside your heart.Now you have to dream like that everyday and start hard working for that.
Make it your passion and do your work.You can feel that the people coming  around you are leading you towards fulfilling your dream or showing you the path to fulfill it.
Same way if you want to become a successful businessman then you have to live the dream of having your own big office,the profit chart on your computer desk,people congratulating you,you are on the front of leading magazine etc.
You can see that you will have thoughts of only about how to fulfill it.
The obstacles are there but you will find your way also.Never say no to hard work.

I have visited Dubai and also Burj Khalifa. The most wonderful thing that i have learnt in that journey of visiting Burj Khalifa is the description of it. Burj Khalifa was also an impossible structure and faced many problems while built up.So please read the below image.

Don't afraid of seeing big dreams because we are using the technology was already someone's dream.So trust your self and start dreaming big.

I am Burj Khalifa

Friday, 5 June 2020

Destruction Has Noise But Creation is Quite

It's always been said that "Seed grows with no sound but  a Tree falls with huge noise".

Whenever you fail to achieve something people start criticizing you,they stop believing you and also make you to think the same and  stop yourself to go ahead.Whenever you met them they start beaching about you on your back and start laughing at you.This this makes uncomfortable to you and you want to feel like  insulting them or leave that place. In this situation just keep silent ,stay calm and walk away. Continue what you are doing by believing  in yourself and keep doing.

Just do your work silently,nobody is interested how you have done it. And when you succeed in your Goal ,these are the same people to praise you .

Never stop yourself by  believing  on what others saying,what impression society has about you.

 just start thinking on whatever your desire is!Don't share with anyone because if you take one step ahead then people drag you two steps back.So just walk on the path of achievement very silently and calmly.

Make those group of people who helps you to achieve your goal or at least motivates you.People who loves you and happy to see your progress are the only important once in life.
Once you become strong enough to not listen to haters and believe in yourself then nobody is there to stop you.You became the stronger person and built your own strength,make your own targets and push yourself to come out of comfort zone !Just think in that way and create history!!
The power of Silence is ... | Quotes & Writings by Penlyn Cols ...