Saturday, February 20, 2021

Thursday, February 18, 2021

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Friday, January 29, 2021

Don't Compare Yourself to Others!!

We have seen many people around us whether they are our family, close ones or friends ;they have a habit of comparing their life with others and get jealous. This kind of persons never get success in their life because they couldn’t thought of self progress ,self ability ,to see inside talent etc..

The tendency to compare ourselves to others is a common human nature. I have read a very beautiful thought to understand why not to  compare more deeply and i.e “Comparison is the thief of joy.” —Theodore Roosevelt.
If we can understand this deeply then we can understand why we don’t have to compare our self with others. We always compare our negative points of nature with others positive ones. But we forget that everyone is different,everyone has different ability then others. May be the happiness we have is a wish for someone else also. comparison stops our self to see what is inside us and we have been always in a thought processing of what we don’t have. That is the way we stop our self to feel happy and joyful.
There is important in remembering that nobody is perfect and nobody is living a painless life.

If you want to compare then compare with yourself. Find the new thing which you have learned today comparing yesterday. Give a change to your routine life, take a walk, observe your surroundings. This thing helps you to come out of negative thoughts and to observe the ability of yours. Always be grateful for what you have in your life. Try to make yourself better and better. Remember that someone else don’t have same dreams, goals like you, nobody has the same journey, pain of life compare to you.
There is a beautiful quote to understand this thing deeply that “There is no comparison between The Sun and The Moon ,They shine when it’s their time”. So think about it and start working.


Monday, December 7, 2020

Power of Imagination

Imagination is a very powerful thing .If we uses it then we can do wonders and impossible things in our life.

Albert Einstein said that "Imagination is more important that knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” I also  wrote a blog previously  on" Everything you can imagine is real.”  said by Pablo Picasso.

I was watching a video of the famous public speaker "Sandeep Maheshwari" which was about a book "Think and Grow Rich".They said a very beautiful thing that we all need to understand that the things which we are using today was imagine by someone before.

If we think then we understand that the technology we are using today for example Mobile Phones,Laptops,Internet,Video calling etc are imagined before by someone that is why it happened today.
If we use this in our life and bring in our mind then we can change the situation of our life.If we imagine to change the negative situations into positive ones then only it changes.If we think that the bad office atmosphere ,the failures of achievement are changing into good things then by this way we are attracting the positive energy towards us.
This positive energy comes through universe and it helps us in building the environment the way we want. This process is little time consuming and requires a lot of patience but the results we get will out of the sky. It can also happen that may be we start thinking that "Aisa kuch nahi hota" but if we  have patience for sometime then we can see the changes around us.We can  see the power and get whatever  have imagine before.

So create imagination and feel this endless power!!

Friday, November 6, 2020

Our Only Limitations Are The Ones We Set Up In Our Own Minds!!


The quote has said by Napoleon Hill in his book Think and Grow Rich and i have found it right so thought to give more words to explain.

I know many persons have write about this and many of us has read many blogs on this but i am just trying to put my side of story .

I feel that our mind is a very powerful thing and have a lot of suspense also.  So many people don't know how to use them for their benefit and also don’t know about what things our mind has hidden inside..If we see around us we can find an example easily. To prove that here i am suggesting you to look around the vendors, shop keepers or small merchants around you. Those people has not that level of education but the management skills, The small calculation which can create big differences etc qualities you can learn by observing them. They have done this because they have very powerful mind with them which is full of courage and ability to handle any tough situations or problems.

The other big example is your mother who can handle and manage so many things together and for that no degree is required..

Here i am talking about the incredible powerful thing and i.e. our mind!!And to work it properly we have to fill it with the right things to get potential results out of it. We just need to understand why we think the way we  always do and find ways to make ourselves think the way we want to!!.For that we need to start researching how successful persons think and  try to start thinking same way!!

We all know that negative thoughts always pulls us back in what we are thinking and positive thoughts kick us to move ahead ,Your mind needs to think new ideas ,positive persons to talk with and not any negative influencers.

Always be  self-aware  about what your mind is thinking ,which direction it is going and make control on it. Stop filling your mind with negative news and thoughts. Avoid hanging out with people who have no aims or no goal in life. Work on the habits, the thoughts or anything  you need to change that holds you back. Learn how to control your mind and keep evaluating it!just the way we update our phones,  laptops ;Our mind also needs to update time to time !!

If you learn how to do it then nothing can stop you to become successful in achieving your goal. Just think in that way and start working!!

Monday, October 19, 2020

Life's Attitude


We always talk about this person’s attitude is very nice, That person is very rude etc..But what is Attitude actually??

Our Attitude develops as per experience we face in our life; Its same way our human body develops as per the food we have taken throughout the life. Every human body behaves differently with the situations in life because of every person’s body has different kind of strength, immunity, weaknesses and we are seeing that in the live example of Covid-19.All countries have different symptoms and recovery rate because every country’s people exposed towards Corona differently so the results have variations in that. Same this way every person responds to the same situation differently .In same circumstances, same atmosphere, same facilities and knowledge few people gives the best outcome and may achieve a new milestone while few can just sit like that and find reasons to explain their failure ship.

So the question arises that what is the best attitude to carry? So that we can apply it in our day to day behavior towards every situation. For that first of all just clean your mind. We all have mind full with lots of thoughts. This thoughts are combination of positive and negative depending upon the good and bad experiences of life. So first, throw out all this garbage from your mind and don’t react the same situation which you had already faced in past with negative result. Think everything positively and try to find new ideas and new direction to see it. The best example of perfect attitude is ‘Lord Krishna”. They have faced so much in life but always carry a beautiful smile and their positive charisma everywhere. They teach us to see every situation with positive approach. Nothing is permanent in life. Neither Happiness nor Sorrows. So live a life with positive attitude!!!